What Are Typical School Hours in China?

The Chinese education system is known for its strictness and the number of hours students have to spend in school. In some places of China even each class has differences in hours, but generally schools start at 8 am and end at around4-5 pm. This helps us understand what the school day looks and feels like to millions of students.

Primary School Hours

Both start at roughly 8:00 AM and I think primary school ends at around 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM. This schedule even includes a lunch break and a quick recess. In addition, primary schools are (often) open five days a week from Monday to Friday, although in rare cases classes may be held on Saturday mornings.

Middle and High School Hours

Middle and high school students do more hours than primary school students. An average day is from 7:30 AM-5:00 PM These institutions also add free time for independent learningself-study and extracurricular activities that can often make the time at school last until 9:00 PM especially for students in competitive sections such as the university entrance exams like Gaokao.

In senior high school it is even more routine, where many students study into the night as a matter of course to cope with their heavy study load. This is in part due to the strong emphasis that Chinese culture places on education and in part because earning a place at university is based on strictly regulated, relatively few and highly competitive entrance examinations.

Weekend Classes

Students are often at school on the weekends, especially in their last year of high school. This is a form of exam-oriented weekend class, focusing on core subjects like Maths, Chinese and English. They normally run on the weekends from 9:00 AM until about 3:00 PM.

The Role of Homework

The students have long school hours and are also expected to complete homework, which can take up several additional hours daily. It is a heavy burden but one that encompasses the spirit of how the Chinese believe education should be, teaching us to work hard in our academics and never give up.

Schools In China

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In the end, the traditional school schedule in China aligns with their high educational standards and value as an academic society. This rigorous training in all of school subjects is supposed to set students up not just for university entrance exams but also for the professional difficulties that they will encounter later on their life.

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